‘International Suicide Survivor of Suicide Loss Day’

‘International Suicide Survivor of Suicide Loss Day’

Need for psychological-emotional support To ward off suicidal thoughts

Free helpline from Connecting NGO for ‘International Suicide Survivor of Suicide Loss Day’

Pune: A large number of people are suffering from suicidal thoughts due to financial crisis, unemployment, family disputes and depression. People who have survived suicide attempts need psychological support so that they do not have suicidal thoughts again after a failed suicide attempt. International Survivor of Suicide Loss Day (November 21) is celebrated to such people from suicidal thoughts and to give them hope for survival. A free helpline is running for these people on behalf of the Connecting NGO in Pune.

Telephone Emotional Support to ‘Suicide Survivors service’ runs every Wednesday and Friday from 3 to 5 p.m. In this service, the people who have committed suicide are contacted by the Connecting Trust by phone to make an appointment in advance. After making an appointment with their consent, they are given emotional support by phone between 3 and 5 pm. Those who are at higher risk are given priority and called back in 24 hours.. Having thoughts of suicide that person can send an SMS to 84840333312 for an appointment. The SMS asks for information like name, contact number, someone has attempted suicide or lost a loved one due to suicide, etc. All these details are kept confidential (with a few legal exceptions). If you want to speak urgently, you can call our Distress Helpline – 9922004305/9922001122 (daily from 12 noon to 8 pm). Liyan Satarwala, CEO of Connecting Trust said ‘Remember, you are not alone. Connecting trust is there to hear you, to understand you! ‘ We are taking this mantra to the people who all are suffering from this.


Liyan Satarawala said, “The Corona pandemic as well as the lockdown has led to an increase in the incidence of illness, unemployment, failure, despair, loneliness. It seeks to provide emotional support to those who have committed suicide. According to the World Health Organization, one in 20 suicidal attempts people dies as a result of suicide. Those who attempt suicide are more likely to attempt it again. There are three types of suicide survivors. This includes people who have attempted suicide, those whose family or close relatives have died as a result of suicide, or those who have been the first to commit suicide. ”


“Work is underway through the Connecting Trust to provide emotional support. The Trust is implementing the Survivor Support Program (SSP). Under this, a new initiative called Telephonic Emotional Support to Suicide Survivors (SSP-TESSS) has been launched. , Many of them do not get the support whatever they need in time. Defamation is the reason behind it. But now Connecting Trust in collaboration with Pune Police and Sassoon Hospital has reaches out directly to the victims. Without giving any advice, without forming any opinion about the suicidal person the grief of the hopeful person is heard and understood with empathy and compassion, “he added.

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